The Color Purple

Each of Florida’s major Political Parties are identified with a color that allows everyone to recognize who they are. The color BLUE represents the Democratic Party. The color RED, represents the Republican Party.

I have selected “The Color Purple” to represent this campaign, because it represents unity. In order to unify The State of Florida and win this election. It will take the efforts of both RED and BLUE voters coming together for a common cause to help make “Florida Second to None”. Do you know what occurs when the colors of Blue and Red come together? It produces Purple.

The Color Purple is the result of these two colors coming together. I am asking voters of both the blue and red persuasion to come together and join me in helping to make Florida become the nation’s first Purple State. When people come together in unity, it produces a wonderful outcome. I am running for Governor of Florida as a candidate with No Party Affiliation or better known as an Independent.

I would like to leave you with a little knowledge on unity. If we look at each of the letters of the two major political parties, Democrat and Republican. It takes the use both words to form the word Independent, It takes the combination of letters from both the major parties to form the word Independent.. I am calling on both Democrats and Republicans to come together and join me in this journey to serve as Florida’s next Governor. Together, we can help make The Great state of Florida


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